Friday, June 5, 2009

Find it Friday ~ Purse of Many Colors
Each Friday we will showcase a product, service, offering or event that is a MUST to check out!

The Purse of Many Colors ~ This purse rocks! I love that it is funky, it is functional and it is affordable. I can't tell you how many times I see great purses and think Oh I just CANNOT spend that kind of money. Not this purse, I scooped one of these up right away! Not only do I LOVE the affordability of the bag, how roomy it is and how great it is going to look with my fall outfits, I love that I am able to make it myself! Now instead of carrying a label I will be carrying my own work of art! How great is that!

This kit features yarn made of strips of recycled silk fabric from Nepal and Indonesia, and the purchase of this product provides safe shelter, health care and education for families in those countries. Strips of fabric are tied together mixing a variety of colors and textures. Also included in the kit are a a spool of nylon cord, leather liner, leather strap, five African brass beads and instructions for knitting and crocheting the bag. The photo features the crocheted version. For the crocheted version, you will need our Big Stitch S hook. For the knit version, you will need our Big Stitch size 35 needles in the 20” length. $60.00

The finished dimension of the bag is 13” W x 8” H x 2.5” D.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Learn a Stitch Monday ~ Bosnia Stitch

Bosnia Stitch

Bosnia Stitch ~ also known as reverse Barrier or Fence Stitch

Steps ~ This stitch is worked from right to left. Come up through the fabric on the right hand side and go up 2 threads and go thought the fabric. From under the fabric cross over 2 threads and down 2 threads to the left and come up through the fabric. Repeat as Necessary. Work your way back through the stitch by coming up through the fabric on the bottom left hand side, go up and over 2 threads to the right and go through the fabric. From behind the fabric go down two threads and come up through the fabric. Repeat as necessary.