Friday, June 4, 2010

SYHO Friday ~ Homespun Elegance

It’s Official ~ It’s SYHO Friday!  YIPPEE!!!!  We are thrilled to introduce Sandra of Homespun Elegance, the SYHO Designer Encyclopedia June 2010 designer.

Month ~ June
Design Company ~ Homespun Elegance
Design Title ~ The Heart is the Spirit of the Home
Fabric ~ 32 Count “Amber” Linen from Wichelt
Threads ~ WDW Swamp Water, Kudzu and Straw / Crescent Colors Cocoa Bean, Old Oak Tree / DMC Colors 3799, 758, 869, 3371, 3768, 3051 and 822
Charm ~ Brass “Heartlet” by Homespun Elegance

The June SYHO stitcher newsletter will be out on Monday….till then, be sure to get over to Hoffman Distributing Company’s website and drool over their Friday new releases and then get to your LNS STAT!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

~ NEW Cherrywood Design Studios Freebie ~

Be sure to check out Cherrywood Design Studios freebie section.  They just posted this fabulous complimentary design this morning.  How fun is this?  Looks like I have another project to add to my list!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch
Each week we will choose a stitch to explore and post stitch diagram(s) to help you practice and master each one.

Cross Stitch ~ also known as Petite Cross, Counted Cross, Cross-Stitch and Point de Croix

How to Cross Stitch

Step 1 ~ come up through the fabric on the lower left hand side.

Step 2 ~ Cross 2 threads and go down through the fabric on the upper right hand side, cross 2 threads and come up on the lower right hand side.

Step 3~ Cross 2 threads and go down through the fabric on the top left hand corner. You have just completed your first cross stitch ~ Yea you!

Step 4 ~ Now try to stitch a few in a row. You can choose to stitch half stitches and come back or do each stitch individually.

Step 5 ~ experiment with different threads and how each showcases cross stitches in a unique way. You may choose to stitch each stitch as you go. Stitch half stitches left to right and cross on the way back. Stitch your stitches in a circular or sporadically on your piece. Each will bring a unique depth and coloring to your piece. One way is not better than another ~ your preference is what matters!

~ Please view our Cross Stitch Diagrams Below ~

Cross Stitch over 1

Cross Stitch over 2

Cross Stitch in a row