Friday, January 29, 2010

Sewing Cake ~ Truly Custom Cakery

Ok so my girlfriend Stacey, the owner of Truly Custom Cakery
sent me this pic and said she thought of me the minute she saw it.

It made me smile. Why you may ask's my list in no particular order
1 ~ I love cake. I mean really.....who doesn't love cake?
2 ~ It's nice to know your friends are thinking about you
3 ~ Needlework is my PASSION....If there were letters larger than all caps, I would use them!
4 ~ My friends associate me with needlework, cross stitch, knitting, etc.
5 ~ Did I mention I like cake?

So I ask you....who knows that you are a stitcher? Do your friends think of you when they see threads, fabrics or fun cakes? Stacey isn't a stitcher (not yet anyway...) but she tells me all the time that she is more in tune now than ever before! She notices local shops on her travels, she checks out Hoffman's Friday updates (later this afternoon stay tuned). I have been able to introduce her to stitching and how much fun it can be and sometimes all you need is to meet someone where they are ~ for Stacey that's cakes! Ha ha ha ~ maybe I'll start calling her Stacey Cakes, she's gonna kill me, hahahahaha

Stacey is an incredible Baker with a thriving Custom Cake business (I should know, I've ordered 4 cakes last year). Here's a few pics of her work. Now I have to figure out how to drop the hint to the big guy (my hubby) that I NEED a custom stitching cake for my B-day this year. No worries, I have 4 months to work out a plan (:

Stacey has a great tutorial on how to make these amazing melted snowman cookies (see picture below). You can view the tutorial (left hand column her blog ) here

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We just love the newest release from Brenda Kocher Designs entitled Fancywork.

This Crazy Quilt pattern incorporates not only canvas work stitches but also silk ribbon surface embroidery to create a colorful splash of spring colors. A CD is included with the book that has color photo directions for the silk ribbon embroidery. These same directions are shown in the book with black and white photos. Approximate finished size of the design stitched on 18 count mono canvas is 11” x 12”.

We also LOVE Brenda's Project Bags. Not only can they carry a ton! She donates 100% of the profits to charity! now that's a designer we can get behind!

These beautiful project bags are brand new from Tea Rose Cottage Designs and represent a small sample of the many designs available. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these bags go to children’s causes in Third World Countries.

Each design is available in limited quantities and come in small (approx. 12” x 15”) medium (approx. 17”x 18”) and large (approx. 21”x 22”…large enough for a 20” bobbin lace pillow!)

Each bag has a coordinated fabric lining with lots of pockets for storing your needlework supplies and patterns. Unique and/or antique buttons are used for the closures.