Friday, May 28, 2010

Do you Twitter?

Find it Friday ~ Cross Stitch and Twitter
Each Friday we will showcase a product, service, offering or event that is a MUST to check out!

We have been asked by our members to compile a list of our favorite cross stitch professionals and stitchers we follow on Twitter ~ Here they are! Do you know others we do not have listed here? Let us know and we will add them to our list! Happy stitching!

Cross Stitch Professionals to follow ~




































Stitchers to follow ~
















Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do you spend your B-day in Stitches?

It's only 8:53AM and my B-day couldn't get any better. Today is my birthday (No I will not be sharing my actual age, but I love that the little guy told his class I am going to be 26. I heart him). I came downstairs to the kids singing happy B-day to me and got some really FABULOUS homemade card from the kids (The big guys was just as great, just store bought), a huge list of HB's on Facebook, a massage and pedicure (can't wait!) and some serious stash!

It got me thinking how I was going to spend the day. Gracie's end of the year school pageant is tonight and we are so excited to see her sing her song she's been rehearsing for weeks in secret in her room at night and do her thing on stage. Emma has playgroup and I still have to bake cookies for tonight. Besides going to the post office, get some office work done and possibly throw in some laundry at some point is this different than any other day?

I feel the need to celebrate in stitches. Sound crazy? Not really, right (: Every year I pick a small project to accomplish on my B-day. A few years ago it was a Merry Cox piece that I just LOVED and I actually did the finishing (please note ~ it was my first try, probably should have left it up to Ronnie, but I am glad I tried at least this one time.) Today I am starting the Stitching Treasure Box with Sheep Waxer by Homespun Elegance. I heart it and it is the perfect quick to stitch project to commemorate this FABULOUS year I am about to embark on!

So how do you commemorate your B-day? Do you do it in stitches?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

94 days of sizzlin summer stitchin fun

I've been working on this new promotion for the past few days to kick off the summer stitching season. We are looking to find 94 different needlework companies to participate in this fun summer long event. Each day we will showcase a new company and have them answer questions about their company / their products basically anything you want or need to know about them.

We'll have tons of giveaways, prizes and opportunities to get to know designers and manufacturers in a whole new way. We asked the question on our Facebook page yesterday but wanted to continue the thought on the blog.

Do you have a company you want us to contact to participate? What would you ask them about their products? What do you NEED to know? Do you have ideas to improve an existing product on the market or a tip or trick to help other stitchers?

We want to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts. We will be announcing the promotion to needlework professionals at the end of this month and we want to be sure to include your favorites so be sure to e-mail us at info(at)LooseThreadStitchers(dot)com or leave a comment and let us know who you want us to contact.

Here's who's on the list of companies stitchers want us to contact so far:

The BagSmith
Puffin and Company
River Silks
Vineyard Silks
Sassy Fabbys
Sam Sarah Design Studio
Blackbird Designs
Sue Hillis
The Trilogy
Raise the Roof
My Mark
Ink Circles
R&R fabrics
Amy Bruecken

I will continue to update the list of companies to contact as we receive be sure to keep checking back and e-mail us your favorites!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fun Kid Gift Ideas

Just saw these on Sit N' Stitch's Facebook Page. I am always looking for fun and creative baby /kid B day gifts. With 3 kids under 7, we go to LOTS of b-day parties, baby showers, christenings, etc. I always feel I want to make something but I always seem to have a hard time finding something that I think they would like. I think both of these would be great.

We have a baptism on the 13th of June...I wonder if I can get one of these done by then?