Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy B-day Stitches 'n Things

The following is an excerpt from the Stitches 'N Things Newsletter ~ BE sure to check it out!

Drum roll please ........................ Effective at midnight o'one Saturday May 1st............ Since we're turning 18, you get a month long birthday present of 18% OFF** your orders!

** discount excludes DMC floss; not applicable to items already discount/on sale; not applicable to items ordered prior to May 1, 2010. No special orders = items not normally carried in the shop catalog/web site. Key tags will not be punched during the sale month.

** Your order form, if ordering from our secure shopping cart/catalog, will NOT reflect the 18% off discount. That discount WILL be taken off manually by us when we process your order through. You will receive the discount on all applicable items that you are ordering.

Wowsers! That's cool .. but wait a second Deb, how will I know if I'm getting the discount? How will I know if what I'm ordering is in stock or not?

Not to worry. Since it's impossible for me to know ahead of time what items will be wanted at the discount, if you are ordering from our web site and what you are ordering is not in stock, it WILL be re-ordered for you AT the 18% Off Discount! It's the items we don't have on our web site that are considered 'special orders' and are not applicable; those items we do not now carry or have not carried in the past.

Now .. lets take this UP a notch and find you MORE WAYS TO SAVE on your Charts/Books/Leaflets!

  • IF A CHART is not in OUR catalog, but it IS on our Merchant Mall catalog at HOFFMAN Distributing ... you'll still get the 18% OFF Discount when you order it in May!
  • IF A CHART is not in OUR catalog, but it IS in the chart catalog at NORDEN CRAFTS ... you'll still get the 18% OFF Discount when you order it in May!
  • IF A CHART is not in OUR catalog, but it IS in the chart catalog at WICHELT IMPORTS ... you'll still get the 18% OFF Discount when you order it in May!
  • IF A CHART is not in OUR catalog, but it IS in the chart catalog at YARN TREE ... you'll still get the 18% OFF Discount when you order it in May!
  • And .. just to prove I'm really in a good mood and not stressed out with 'this birthday' ... you'll also get 18% OFF ALL FRAMES, whether in stock OR special ordered! ALL CUSTOM FRAMING (mats, glass, spacers, mounting fee) will be 18% OFF!!! Custom Mats from Sekas OR Jill Rensel are also 18% OFF.

Happy Birthday Month To Us ... Happy Birthday Month To Us ...

Happy Birthday Month dear Stitches N Things (and dear Stitches N Things customers) ...

Happy Birthday Month To Us (er, to you)!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Tote Buddy ~ fun and fashionable way to reuse and recycle

Have you heard about the Tote Buddy?

So this is SO FABULOUS! I just had to share. I found this company on Twitter and I thought to myself, how clever is this? A fun and fashionable way to go grocery shopping and save the environment.

I always seem to have an issue with remembering the bags and then I get annoyed b/c they are all over the place and I can never find them when I need drives me crazy! No more, check out the video of how the tote buddy works and use the code ~ earthday ~ when ordering to receive an exclusive LTS discount!

I also thought of all the times I am lugging around my needlework, trying to get everything together and I love the fact that this will work double duty ~ grocery shopping and needlework weekends ~ how fabulous! Now if I can only find someone to do the grocery shopping for me I could stitch more (:

They even sell extra bags (choice of black or orange) at a great price ~ less than $3 a piece or $2 when ordering 5 or more!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun and Funky Pins and Pin Cushions

Happy Hump Day! Wednesday's are always a good day at our house b/c I don't have to make lunches in the morning. The kids have pizza for lunch at school every Wednesday so I get a few extra minutes. As any mom knows that is REALLY exciting!

I took the 10 minutes to run over to the Just Another Button Company website. I remembered seeing these fun pins with these adorable pin cushion made from Weeks Dye Works wool in Nashville and thought they might be a fun project to try this weekend.

I love these little acorns, how fun are they for fall?

Here's a fun way to spruce up your kitchen! How fabulous are these?

They have fun floral arrangements too! Seriously creativity!

With all the different options I think it is going to be hard to choose just one....maybe I'll tackle something to coordinate with the girls new room decor. I've been working on their room for 2 weeks and this might be just the final touch they need!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Did you know Nordic Needle has a super large collection of complimentary charts on their website? With over 40 needlework designs using cross stitch to specialty stitches you will be sure to find a fabulous design that will spark your interest and get you stitching!

Here's a few of our favorites....

These bookmarks are perfect to stitch for the Needle and ThREAD: Stitching for Literacy Campaign ... there's still time to help promote needlework and get the next generation excited about stitching!
Be sure to e-mail Loose Thread Stitchers
~ Info(at)LooseThreadStitchers(dot)com ~
a photo of your finished bookmark to be entered to win $500 in stash!
Beautiful bookmark designs by Carol Pedersen

What a great taste of Hillside Samplings work. This quick to stitch can be stitched and finished during a T-ball game ~ Stitching in public is a great way to introduce stitching to others.
A lovely night scene of the hillside in cross stitch by Hillside Samplings

I just love this apron. What a fun and unique way to show off your stitching abilities!
Create this fun chicken scratch design provided by Odile Berget.

Whatever project you choose, Nordic Needle can help you find the perfect supplies to complete any project. What will you choose?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Stitchy Follows?

Due to the non-stitching related Doggie topic yesterday it seems we hit some kind of alert with Blogger. After I verified the account and our info, I was able to get parts back the blog (we lost quite a few posts) but we were not as lucky with our followers.

We will be sending out an e-mail to all Loose Thread Stitchers members as well as posting on Facebook and Twitter. Please pass the word to your stitching friends that 99% of our followers were deleted and they will need to re-follow the blog.

If you were also following the SYHO Blog, you will need to re-follow there as well.

In light of this situation, we will be moving the blog to another venue in the near future to prevent this from happening again but for now we don't want you to miss the latest and greatest in the stitching world. Thanks everyone!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is your life a Sitcom or a MasterCard Commercial?

My friends have told me time and time again, my life is like a sitcom. If we are friends on Facebook, you know my status updates are a constant stream of ~ you'll never believe this, or seriously, my kids are NUTS...... They are always up to something and always good for a laugh. Well I guess Drexel, our dog, was feeling a bit left out b/c this was the last 16 hours of my life.....

We started the day with some chores, running errands and a T-ball game as a family, then back to the house to shower change and get ready for the first birthday party of the day. The big guy stayed home with the little guy and cakes (Emma) and Gracie and I headed out to her friends B-day party (which by the way was FABULOUS and I wish I was as creative as other moms with party themes...I really need help.) anyway sometime between 4PM and 7PM our 7 YR OLD Flat Coat Retriever (A Black Lab and Golden Retriever Mix...but we got him from a shelter so who even really knows for sure.....) decided he wanted to explore Cheltenham Township and busted out of the back yard.....

I can't imagine how this fell and no one in the house heard it......

Around 7PM the kids went to bed and the big guy and I were getting ready to eat dinner and I opened the backdoor to let Drexel in....except he was gone. I went into overdrive, ran right out the front door in sleep socks and the big guy's slippers and started calling for Drexel. I was in such a panic, I took the car keys and started driving around the neighborhood yelling for him and whistling (I am pretty sure my neighbors officially think I am NUTS!). I ran back home to change into sneaks (much better) and posted him missing on Facebook (just in case someone close by saw him).

My greatest fear was that he would get hit by a car once it got dark b/c he's black and you'd never see him in the dark. My head went into overdrive and I was terrified. I picked up my girlfriend Michelle and off we went to case the neighborhood while the big guy called the police and local animal shelters. I picked Drexel up at 8AM at the Montgomery County SPCA. I feel the details of the story can best be explained as a MasterCard Commercial ~

Fence Repair ~ $500
Car Accident trying to find the dog ~ $2,200
Fines for the five 13 YO's smoking weed in the park ~ $500
Possible Bail Money for trespassing at the SPCA to listen for Drexel's bark ~ $250
Donuts for Police Department who found Drexel ~ $15
Donation to SPCA for caring for Drexel overnight ~ $150

Having Drexel Home Safe and Sound ~ PRICELESS!

There are some things money can't buy (DREXEL!!!!), for everything else there's MasterCard.