Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch
Each week we will choose a stitch to explore and post stitch diagram(s) to help you practice and master each one.

Cross Stitch ~ also known as Petite Cross, Counted Cross, Cross-Stitch and Point de Croix

How to Cross Stitch

Step 1 ~ come up through the fabric on the lower left hand side.

Step 2 ~ Cross 2 threads and go down through the fabric on the upper right hand side, cross 2 threads and come up on the lower right hand side.

Step 3~ Cross 2 threads and go down through the fabric on the top left hand corner. You have just completed your first cross stitch ~ Yea you!

Step 4 ~ Now try to stitch a few in a row. You can choose to stitch half stitches and come back or do each stitch individually.

Step 5 ~ experiment with different threads and how each showcases cross stitches in a unique way. You may choose to stitch each stitch as you go. Stitch half stitches left to right and cross on the way back. Stitch your stitches in a circular or sporadically on your piece. Each will bring a unique depth and coloring to your piece. One way is not better than another ~ your preference is what matters!

~ Please view our Cross Stitch Diagrams Below ~

Cross Stitch over 1

Cross Stitch over 2

Cross Stitch in a row

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