Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blog Roll Call! As you know, Loose Thread Stitcher's mission is to build the needlework community one LoOSe ThREAd at a time. Keeping our mission in mind we are compiling a list of Stitching Blogs that we will post on our blog, website, Facebook page and Twitter. We want to hear from you! Please complete the information below (that applies to you) and send it to Colleen(at)LooseThreadStitchers(dot)com.

Name (First & Last):
EGA member: (yes or no) if no skip down 3
EGA Chapter:
EGA Region:
Blog Address:
Blog content:
Needlework Professional: (yes or no)
Business Type: (designer, teacher, shop, fabric,fiber, bead or button manufacturer, etc.)
Do you provide an EGA Discount: (yes or no)
Amount: (%age or $)
Discount Applies to: (Local Chapter or National EGA)

We would like to have the first list completed and added by the middle of this month. All who respond will have the initial list sent via e-mail with a link to the online list.

Any questions, thoughts, suggestions, let us know!

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