Sunday, February 7, 2010


If your house is anything like mine, today is a national holiday. For my husband and son it is the last YYEEEHHAAAAA for football for the next few months, to them it is bitter sweet. For me and the girls, we are thrilled to get a short reprieve from the sport.

Don't get me wrong I love that the big guy and little guy do things together, it's just that I wish it was something that I found interesting. Sorry, no love for football here.

Well that's not totally true. I have come to love football (over the past 10 years) ever since I found that most LNS's and ONS's take Super Bowl Sunday as a way to give back to stitchers!

~ It's Super Bowl Sunday and that means lots of LNS's are having FABULOUS SALES today! Fiberworks in Iowa is giving SYHO members 15% off in store and 10% off online orders today. Be sure to say SYHO sent you for your discount!

This sale is a great way to pick up the the 1st design by Glendon Place in the SYHO Designer Encyclopedia (shown below).

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