Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I know we've chatted a lot about difficult pieces we have finished. Well here's one of mine. Celtic Banner...BR14 by Butternut Road. I stitched this piece during my pregnancy with Emma (the little cutie I am holding in the picture) and finished when she was a month old. I was terribly worried to send it out for finishing. As anyone who completes a large piece knows, it is nerve wracking to hand over your work. What if something happened? What if they cut it or ruined it? All kinds of crazy thoughts go through your mind and guess what ~ it happened. I got it back and it was TERRIBLE. The finisher cut the fabric within an inch of it's life, and really did a poor job. I was heart broken and not sure what to do. With all the time I spent on the piece I was heartbroken that it might be destroyed.

I was beside myself, not sure what to do I tucked it away in my WIP box. I went out to Just Cross Stitch in Limerick (now moved to Lederache, PA) and was introduced to Veronica Buckwalter. Ronnie is a seamstress and has finished for Carolyn's shop for years. I told her about my banner and she asked me to bring it in the following week.

The next week Ronnie assured me that although the finishing was poor (she was being EXTREMELY kind) she would be able to finx it and for me not to worry. A few weeks later I couldn't believe my eyes! It is amazing how FABULOUS the banner looks now. I was so excited to get it back I took it to my next EGA meeting (Shout out Philadelphia Area EGA Chapter) with Emma in tow.

I'm not sure what I was so worried about. I had seen Ronnie's work, she is AMAZING! Since then Ronnie has finished quite a few of my pieces (personally and professionally) and when we decided to launch the SYHO Campaign I knew exactly who to call. Ronnie will be providing the finishing instructions for the SYHO Designer Encyclopedia. If you are ever in need of a finisher or not sure what to with your finished piece, this is the lady to call!

Veronica Buckwalter ~ (AKA ~ The Creative Finisher)


  1. Oh Colleen....your finish is gorgeous! I could feel myself getting upset as you told your story of everyone's worst nightmare coming true, but it all ended up beyond wonderful...and of course look at Emma, what a cute pic of both of you girls! Where did you end up hanging your banner?


  2. Karyn ~ thanks! I am BEYOND thankful for Ronnie! There's no way I could stomach the disaster I received. It was heartbreaking! The banner hangs by my front door. I love that I see it when I enter and exit the house. I have needlework hanging EVERYWHERE in the house, but this is a very special piece to me and I am so glad I can enjoy it each and every day.