Tuesday, May 25, 2010

94 days of sizzlin summer stitchin fun

I've been working on this new promotion for the past few days to kick off the summer stitching season. We are looking to find 94 different needlework companies to participate in this fun summer long event. Each day we will showcase a new company and have them answer questions about their company / their products basically anything you want or need to know about them.

We'll have tons of giveaways, prizes and opportunities to get to know designers and manufacturers in a whole new way. We asked the question on our Facebook page yesterday but wanted to continue the thought on the blog.

Do you have a company you want us to contact to participate? What would you ask them about their products? What do you NEED to know? Do you have ideas to improve an existing product on the market or a tip or trick to help other stitchers?

We want to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts. We will be announcing the promotion to needlework professionals at the end of this month and we want to be sure to include your favorites so be sure to e-mail us at info(at)LooseThreadStitchers(dot)com or leave a comment and let us know who you want us to contact.

Here's who's on the list of companies stitchers want us to contact so far:

The BagSmith
Puffin and Company
River Silks
Vineyard Silks
Sassy Fabbys
Sam Sarah Design Studio
Blackbird Designs
Sue Hillis
The Trilogy
Raise the Roof
My Mark
Ink Circles
R&R fabrics
Amy Bruecken

I will continue to update the list of companies to contact as we receive them..so be sure to keep checking back and e-mail us your favorites!

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