Friday, May 14, 2010

King of the Kitchen ~ Designs By Lisa

If you've been reading the LTS blog you've probably picked up that the kitchen and I do not get along. In fact, the big guy asked me recently where I'd like to travel when the kids get older. I said probably Hawaii, Ireland.....he interrupted and asked for a more domestic local. Maybe Texas or Arizona, I suggested.....nope closer he maybe the kitchen. He laughed for quite some time at himself.

Seriously? He's nuts! He knew when we got married, I was not skilled in the kitchen department. I am certainly not the Queen of the kitchen, but the big guy on the other hand, is FABULOUS at making pretty much anything and everythign under the sun.....and so I will stitch this fun little design for him to let him know that if I can't actually make "food" in the kitchen I can still flex my stitching abilities there (:

Fabric: 28 Count Hand-dyed Sandcastle Jobelan #429-503 from Wichelt
Threads: Gentle Art Sampler Threads,DMC conversion included
Beads: Mill Hill glass seed beads # 00367
Frame: East Side Mouldings: 800-840-6077
Design Size: 9 1/2" w x 7 1/2"h
Stitch count: 134w x 106h

Kathy from Designs By Lisa is having an exclusive sale on this fabulous chart till May 16th. Sale price is $5 and that INCLUDES shipping! Be sure to get over to her website and order b/4 they are gone!


  1. Awesome! When I married my first husband, my culinary skills included macaroni and cheese from a box, boiled hot dogs, and burned water (in the microwave, lol). I learned over the years by watching him and experimentation with spices. I don't enjoy cooking, but can make some great dishes when I do cook. My mom once said "Now I have to go home to my cooking". She was visiting me in San Diego and I was "showing off" my abilities. It was quite a compliment.

  2. Jules, that is a great story! I'm glad to know there's some hope for me yet!