Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ SamSarah Design Studio

Ok So I know today is Wordless Wednesday but I am making an exception today. There is NEWS in the cross stitch industry. A few weeks ago Patti (SamSarah Design Studio) sold her %age stake in Just Another Button Company to focus on her counted thread and quilt designs. So here's Patti's newest creations and a bit of info about how SamSarah Design Studio came about...

“Alphabet Baubles” series of 26 charts “T” is for Train is stitched on Zweigart Newport natural/red linen using floss from The Gentle Art and Weeks Dye Works, embellished with JABC buttons and placed in an East Side Mouldings frame. The final chart, “Z” is for Zipper released in January 2011.

Entire alphabet can be stitched or select letters to spell out a word or name.

For stitchers creating a complete door banner with all the letters (three letters wide by nine letters tall,) a complimentary chart will be released in Nashville to stitch the twenty seventh square.
‘Our House’ Pearls series of 16 charts, released one each month, shown stitched on one piece of linen with the complimentary border available from your favorite stitch shop. Can also be stitched individually and comes as a full kit, mini-kit (minus the frame) or just the chart. Four charts yet to be released.

Stitched on 28 or 30 count linen or Graziano 18 count natural linen Aida with Crescent Colours over-dyed floss, embellished with JABC buttons and placed in a frame from East Side Mouldings.

Here’s a Sneak Peak of part of a new full size chart releasing at Nashville Needlework Market in February. Three-dimensional carrots and a framed Easter piece are included on this, as yet, unnamed chart.


Future of SamSarah Design Studio:
Since I’ve only been enjoying just a few short weeks of this new-found freedom, we’re still in the process of ramping up SamSarah. We had a houseful of kids, family and friends between Christmas and the New Year and I enjoyed every minute of it. Then it was time to start stitching in earnest for the next market. We definitely will continue to design fun and whimsical charts and kits for stitchers. In addition to the sneak peaks and new chart announcements above, a new six-month series, “Farmer’s Market” is in the works and debuts at Nashville. We will keep creating new finishes, finding new accessories and will always be a place for fresh ideas to bloom.
In addition to needlework, we are expanding the company to include our new “quilt division.” I get to revisit an old love - patchwork and applique - updated with new techniques and fabulous new fabrics. So glad I donated all the old cottons to a quilt guild making Iowa flood relief quilts. Not a bit of guilt for buying new fabric! The new quilt designs will debut in May when SamSarah attends our first Quilt Market in Salt Lake City. We’re just finishing up Nashville cross-stitch designs before beginning to sew new quilts.

To find out more about SamSarah Design Studio be sure to check out the SYHO blog HERE, read about SamSarah on Patti's Blog HERE and follow SamSarah on Facebook HERE.

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