Friday, August 21, 2009

Find it Friday ~ Blackbird Designs ~ Tis Halloween & Halloween 1904

Each Friday we will showcase a product, service, offering or event that is a MUST to check out!

Blackbird Designs has really hit it out of the park this time! My favorite time of year is fall and I begin to decorate my house the first of September. Do you know how HGTV has episodes dedicated to people who go overboard decorating for Christmas? Well they could do an hour special at my house for Halloween. Between the cool air, the amazing fall colors and fun activities (pumpkin picking, Trick or Treating) I just get giddy when I think about the coming months and this ornament set and quilt just got my heart racing!

Tis Halloween (Cover)

Tis Halloween ~ Blackbird Designs has done a wonderful job generating interest in and excitement about this design. This series has been buzzing around the counted thread industry for quite a few days now and it is FINALLY available!

This is BBD's first self-published full color book and it looks fabulous! It has 36 pages and lots of color pictures for you to enjoy! There are 13 stocking patterns and a several other projects too.

Tis Halloween (Teaser Photo)

If you are a quilter, you should find Halloween 1904 in stock at your local quilt store. Barb wanted to honor her grandmother's year of that's why the year is attached to the title. The muted primitive colors and eye catching design, this is sure to be a hit this fall. Like I said, I am a Halloween fanatic ~ we decorate every inch of our house. You can be sure that I am going to get this quilt in rotation ASAP. I might even repaint the walls I am so inspired!

Halloween 1904

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