Friday, September 25, 2009

Find it Friday ~ Boo To You

Each Friday we will showcase a product, service, offering or event that is a MUST to check out!

I just knew when Theresa and Cathy from CherryWood Design Studio sent me a sneak peek of their new Freebie design, I had found my Find it Friday post. This quick to stitch, fun little Halloween chart is a great project full of fun colors and fabulous Just Another Button Company buttons. Don't they just bring the design to life?

Boo to You

Beginners can learn quickly with this piece as they can complete each square section and have an easy time "counting" on linen.

Been stitching a while? This is a great piece for your stitching group. No worries about losing your place during a hot topic of conversation, just outline your boxes and you are ready to go!

Need a challenge? Why not go to the Whip it up Wednesday section of the blog or visit the Loose Thread Stitchers Facebook page and find a few specialty stitches to incorporate in the design?

Ok so I know you want to know ~ How can you get this Freebie in your hot little hands? Your Local Needlework Shop (LNS) of coarse! Teresa and Cathy are at the TNNA tradeshow in St. Charles as we speak introducing their new line of designs to shops around the world. Be sure to call your LNS and let them know to stop in and chat with CherryWood Designs, they have a great company story and fabulous designs!

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