Sunday, February 28, 2010

Designs By Lisa is still thinking Spring! Easter actually! New release! Silhouette bunny wishing you a Happy Easter. Shipping out to distributor soon, so look for it at your favorite shop! It's a pretty quick stitch with minimal colors! You can for sure have it done by Easter! Measures 5 1/4" x 41/4", with a stitch count of 75 x 63

Designs by Lisa has been designing and selling cross stitch patterns since 1999. I simply love to design, and get most of my inspiration from my surroundings, family, friends, and pets. And although I sometimes tend to design things that are not so main stream, I believe the originality has made the business a success.. Because, as I've found out....I'm not alone in my thinking. That's alm ost scary. Living in the State of UT, my love for the wild critters is also evident, (mooses being my favorite...mooses?) Having a business and loving what you do is truly the best dream of all. Having a husband that puts up with floss, charts, needles, scissors and the constant comment of "just one more stitch" is of course, priceless!

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