Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Tote Buddy ~ fun and fashionable way to reuse and recycle

Have you heard about the Tote Buddy?

So this is SO FABULOUS! I just had to share. I found this company on Twitter and I thought to myself, how clever is this? A fun and fashionable way to go grocery shopping and save the environment.

I always seem to have an issue with remembering the bags and then I get annoyed b/c they are all over the place and I can never find them when I need drives me crazy! No more, check out the video of how the tote buddy works and use the code ~ earthday ~ when ordering to receive an exclusive LTS discount!

I also thought of all the times I am lugging around my needlework, trying to get everything together and I love the fact that this will work double duty ~ grocery shopping and needlework weekends ~ how fabulous! Now if I can only find someone to do the grocery shopping for me I could stitch more (:

They even sell extra bags (choice of black or orange) at a great price ~ less than $3 a piece or $2 when ordering 5 or more!

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