Monday, May 17, 2010

5 Little Know Facts about Designs By Lisa

1 ~ Even though the company is *Designs by Lisa*, I may not answer to Lisa, since I go by a shortened version of my middle name which is Kathleen. (Kathy) Why? Because when I was born, my dad was out of town, when he returned, he did not care for the name Lisa which my mother had loved and named me. He started to call me Kathy, and the name stuck. Someone had to give, and my mom lost. So in honor of my mom, I named the business after the name she had really wanted to call me.

2 ~ I model stitched for 4 yrs before starting to design.

3 ~ I have never, ever, bowled in my life. Is that sad or what? It looks fun, sorta.

4 ~ I have an obsession with painting*as in rooms, walls, entire houses, etc.

5 ~ I love riding on the back of my husbands* Harley. There's something to be said about being on a motorcycle winding through beautiful scenery with the wind blowing through your hair (okay, that don*t really happen because I wear a helmet), but the rest is true!

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