Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Have you heard of Puffin and Co?

I was in search of a thread separator yesterday and jumped on the Puffin and Co website to check out their stuff. I am so excited! This company has some FABULOUS finds. I spent quite some time perusing the site and window shopping the eye candy. I found a thread separator that is not only functional but fun at the same time.

Here's a few of my top picks ~

Thread separators ~ Here's a link to the video to show exactly how these work.

Each one is better than the next, right? With my B day right around the corner and a hubby in need of a few suggestions, these are defiantly on the top of my list!


  1. Those are great! Hope you get your wish!!

  2. Me too Cyndi (: I subtly left their homepage up on the computer with a wish list near the keyboard, hahahahaha