Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can you teach a Kindergartner to stitch?

So I woke up this morning and realized I have a bit more than 25 hours to get together a lesson plan for my son's (red head in the red sweater vest and black blazer) kindergarten class. I have been invited to come and talk about my job and introduce stitching to the kids.

Now, I of coarse think I have the BEST job in the world. I work in the needlework industry, can it really get any better than that? NOPE! But to be given the opportunity to introduce stitching to 25 six year olds has my head swimming.

What should I show them? Fabrics, Fibers, Accessories, Gadgets, Magazines...there are so many wonderful things about why I chose to start Loose Thread Stitchers, why needlework is so important in my life and how fabulous it feels to create something with my hands. I am so excited to be able to share that with this fabulous group of little people.

So today I will get to the store and pick up a few supplies. I want to create a few "test" pieces so they can use them in the classroom. I have to pack up some models and showcase the range of stitching (framed pictures, pillows, necklaces, smalls, etc.). A pile of fabric, threads, embellishments, etc. for each table of children and I am (cross your fingers for me) going to attempt to make cross stitch cupcakes. Did I leave anything out?

Edit Note ~ Just found this great blog by The Lavender Bakery that shows FABULOUS examples of cross stitch cupcakes! It is the second entry after the Jimmy Choo cupcakes. if you live in the UK ~ this looks like the place to be! This lady has talent! Thanks for the inspiration!


  1. Sounds exciting...and yes, I believe you can teach a kindergartener how to cross stitch. I taught my niece at that age. However, she didn't remember and asked me to teach her again a few years later (she is now 12).

  2. I think that you can teach a kindergartener to stitch if the fabric is big enough. I don't think it's every too early to teach a child.